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Heisman: The Case for Everett Golson

Let’s rewind to Saturday night. There are 13 seconds left in an absolute classic between the Florida State Seminoles and Notre Dame. Everett Golson drops back, looks, fires to Corey Robinson with 13 seconds left. Robinson scores. Let’s pause right there. At that moment would it have been an insane idea to say that Golson was a Heisman candidate?

We all know what happened after that. The penalty was thrown and ND failed to convert on the following play. The call was made. There is nothing anyone can do about it at that point. Golson’s Notre Dame was hit with their first loss of the season. Most people who ever thought that Golson could win a Heisman erased the thought from their brain after the horn sounded. But is it that crazy to still think he at least might deserve a little consideration to be nominated for the award?

Golson did something Saturday that most people didn’t believe he could do. He went to the home turf of the 2014 Heisman winner, and played with him every step away. Statistically, Jameis Winston will appear better, but anyone that watched the game would be able to tell you that Golson played just as well as Winston on Winston’s home turf, nonetheless. It wasn’t Winston who put together a last minute drive on the road. It was Golson. On 4th and 18, it wasn’t Winston finding Greene. It was Golson finding Robinson.

Golson’s stats for the year are not so far of from current Heisman candidates. Golson only has one TD in terms of total TD’s less than Oregon’s Marcus Mariota. Heisman favorite Dak Prescott has less TDs than Golson. In no way shape or form should anything negative being said about these two either. In fact if the presentation was tomorrow I myself would vote for Prescott. The only statment being made here is that Golson’s Heisman campaign is not a bad one. The only thing Golson doesn’t have compared to the other two is a signature win which he would have had if a debatable call would of gone his way on the road.

In no way shape or form do Jameis Winston, Dak Prescott, and Marcus Mariota not deserve all the Heisman hype. Winston played absolutely flawless in the second half against the Irish, Prescott is lighting up the SEC and Mariota is putting together unbelievable stats .The only insinuation that is being made here is that Everett Golson winning the Heisman shouldn’t be the craziest of ideas.

I mean come on. Last year a MAC QB was nominated.


Cover Photo: Michael Conroy/Associated Press

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