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Injuries Impact Our Week 10 Full NFL Power Rankings

Who would have thought we would have someone new gracing the title of “worst team in the league” this week? Kudos to the New York Jets for finding away to sneak out of 32nd place. Let’s take a look at this week’s full NFL Power Rankings from bottom to top:

32. Oakland Raiders 31 0-9 There isn't much left to say about this Raiders team. They will be traveling to San Diego to face the Chargers who have struggled mightily in recent weeks. There is no reason to expect this couldn't end up being an upset. Then again this is the Raiders we are talking about.
31. Jacksonville Jaguars 29 1-9 They found a way to score 17 points on the Cowboys but the Jacksonville defense faltered in this one. Gus Bradley's team has yet to find a way to finally put everything together on both sides of the ball. This team does have some young talent and I really hope the Jaguars front office allows Bradley to continue cultivating them.
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30 1-8 Against one of the worst defenses this league has seen in quite some time the Bucs still couldn't find a way to pull out a win against the FalconsLovie Smith is going to have a lot of decisions to make this offseason because this team is simply terrible.
29. New York Jets 32 2-8 There is nobody who picked the Jets to upset the hot Pittsburgh Steelers last week – and if you said you picked them than you are either delusional or a bold liar. Michael Vick isn't the answer but he just needs to not be the reason they lose (which he succeeded at doing last week). Unless they find a way to win out there is no saving Rex Ryan's job – but he will definitely be on the sidelines as a defensive coordinator somewhere next year (replacing brother Rob in New Orleans perhaps).
28. Tennessee Titans 28 2-7 Last week I would have encouraged Titans fans to turn off the television for this upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Steelers. But after last week's Steeler collapse in New York perhaps there is a sliver of hope remaining? Ken Whisenhunt will have his work cut out for himself this offseason (like Lovie Smith above).
27. Chicago Bears 25 3-6 Fans are running away from the Bears like they have ebola – that's how bad this team has been. Jay Cutler is almost as bad as the Chicago defense – and that is saying something. It is going to take a full miracle to bring this team back from the dead. Has Marc Trestman lost control of this team?
26. Atlanta Falcons 27 3-6 Here's the funny thing about the NFC South – they are so bad that the 3-6 Falcons are all of a sudden one game out of first place. With a win over divisional-rivals in Carolina this weekend they could have themselves on track to make a run at the wide-open South. Wouldn't that incredibly amazing and pathetic at the same time?
25. Washington Redskins 26 3-6 If the Redskins can't beat the Buccaneers this weekend then this team might be even worse than I expected. Even with Robert Griffin back the Redskins have tons of progress in need of being made – specifically on the defensive side. This isn't the same defensive unit we saw the first few weeks of the season.
24. Carolina Panthers 22 3-6 I am amazed week after week at just how bad this Carolina defense is. I mean last year we foamed at the mouth every time we discussed this defense and this year has been the total opposite. Throw in a trio of running backs who can't stay healthy and Cam Newton's suddenly frail body and the rest of the season has disaster written all over it.
23. St. Louis Rams 23 3-6 They have shocked a few teams this season with some surprising upsets. It makes one wonder what this team could do if it had a true franchise quarterback (no we aren't referring to Sam Bradford). Ownership could find themselves at a true crossroads this offseason in terms of going forward or truly rebuilding.
22. New York Giants 24 3-6 If I was Tom Coughlin I'd be packing my bags and voluntarily leaving the organization at the end of the season. This team has just been turning their wheels in the mud for the past few years and the future isn't looking any brighter. Heck even Eli Manning may be looking for a way out at this point.
21. Houston Texans 19 4-5 They are finding ways to hover around the .500 mark which has been a nice surprise. Heading into Cleveland this weekend could be the perfect opportunity for this team to pounce on an unsuspecting Browns team. Coming off a big win against Cincinnati the Browns could be incredibly vulnerable. This could be the first big test for Bill O'Brien and the Texans.
20. Minnesota Vikings 21 4-5 If you haven't been able to tell yet I am very high on the Vikings going forward. Coach Mike Zimmer has taken last year's 31st ranked defense and made them Top 10 at the moment – and the offense is just a few players away from being potent as well. At 4-5 Zimmer has the Vikings well ahead of schedule in their rebuilding process.
19. New Orleans Saints 18 4-5 After being robbed of a win by the officiating last week the Saints find themselves just one game ahead of the Panthers and Falcons. Facing the Bengals this week the Saints can't afford to lose at home – luckily they will be facing an offense that is about as inept as their Rob Ryan-led defense.
18. Buffalo Bills 14 5-4 They couldn't afford to lose at home to the Chiefs yet that is exactly what happened. Those are the types of games that playoff teams must win – and the loss showed us that the Bills aren't quite there yet. [Side note – so do they re-sign Kyle Orton after the season or what now?]
17. San Diego Chargers 15 5-4 After starting 5-1 they have now lost three games in row and find themselves third in the division (thanks to the Raiders). Speaking of the Raiders the Chargers will look to get back on track against the league's worst team. If they lose that game then we have a lot to talk about.
16. San Francisco 49ers 20 5-4 They were given a gift by the officials that allowed them to beat the Saints last week – a gift that all but kept their season alive. With Patrick Willis out for the season now a rebirth of the 49ers seems incredibly unlikely – not to mention the apparent regression of Colin Kaepernick.
15. Miami Dolphins 16 5-4 Sunday's loss to the Lions was tough for Miami as it was a game they had every reason to win. Can we talk about the fact that Ryan Tannehill threw the ball 38 times for just 207 yards? This team is a good quarterback away from continued success.
14. Baltimore Ravens 13 6-4 They beat the lowly Titans in a nice rebound game after being destroyed by the Steelers. Playing in the toughest division in football is evident when you are 6-4 and still at the bottom of the standings. The key to the Ravens going forward will be Joe Flacco and which version of the quarterback will appear.
13. Cincinnati Bengals 8 5-3-1 Could there be a more maddening team in all of football? Being blown out by the Patriots and Colts does not bode well for your playoff chances. But getting destroyed by the Cleveland Browns nearly ensures that you are a lot of work to do in order to find consistent success. The Browns aren't bad but the Bengals looked horrid. A ranking of 13 is generous.
12. Pittsburgh Steelers 9 6-4 Okay yes apparently there is a more maddening team in the league than the Bengals – the Steelers. How in the world does a team blow out the Colts and Ravens only to lose to the Vick-led New York Jets and the Mike Glennon-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers? It's astounding to say the least. Who knew this team's weakness would be crappy teams?
11. Seattle Seahawks 12 6-3 No one is talking about the Seahawks but they are quietly creeping up in the standings after winning three in a row. They aren't doing anything particular exciting but they are taking care of business (in ugly ways) and gaining momentum at the right time in the season. Don't count the defending champs out just yet.
10. Cleveland Browns 17 6-3 They laid a beat down on the Bengals in Cincinnati last week – seemingly finally stating that the Browns have finally returned. I'm not ready to crown them yet as I'm interested to see if they can beat the Texans. After an emotional win we have seen the Browns lay turds (losing to the Jaguars a week after manhandling the Steelers).
9. Kansas City Chiefs 11 6-3 The Chiefs are in a good position and Sunday's game hosting the Seahawks will tell us even more about this team. It looks as though the Chiefs will be fighting with a member of the AFC North for a Wild Card spot and a win over the Seahawks would go a long way into securing it.
8. Indianapolis Colts 5 6-3 Sunday's showdown in Indianapolis against the Patriots will be an incredibly enjoyable one. The Colts will run away with the AFC South but will need find a way to make a run deep into the playoffs. A win over the favored Patriots would be a nice first step.
7. Green Bay Packers 10 6-3 Okay yes I know beating the Bears is nothing impressive these days but watching Aaron Rodgers do work in the first half was a thing of beauty. This team will be dangers in the playoffs and could very well find a way to unseat the Lions at the top of the NFC North.
6. Dallas Cowboys 7 7-3 They made their way back into the winning column thanks to the Jaguars before finally having a week off this coming weekend. Watching the Cowboys and Eagles duke it out for the NFC East title will be pure entertainment. Surely this is the team that finally rids themselves of the "choking" label they've had for year. I mean it has to be right?
5. Detroit Lions 6 7-2 I love watching the Lions play – it's like watching a team that doesn't care what any experts say they just continue to go out and do their jobs. Jim Caldwell deserves massive praise for the work he is doing with this team. Looking at their schedule there is no reason to doubt that success continues.
4. Philadelphia Eagles 4 7-2 No Nick Foles – no problem for Chip Kelly and the Eagles. Proving he truly is the quarterback whisperer Kelly has taken Mark Sanchez from rags to riches to keep the team rolling. With the bye week and the Titans standing between them and a big showdown with the Cowboys we will see just how much magic Kelly can truly work.
3. New England Patriots 3 7-2 Yes the Patriots are on a roll and yes they have the hottest quarterback in the league at the moment but I am still putting them below one of the teams they just beat. They are about to go on a tough stretch playing the Colts/Lions/Packers/Chargers that could really show us the true colors of this team. Are they truly as good as they have been playing?
2. Denver Broncos 2 7-2 The defense isn't as bad as they looked in Foxboro nor is this offense as inept as they looked. The Broncos have a case to make and you can bet they are on a mission to make a statement by season's end. These Broncos are only going to get better the more time Jack Del Rio has with that defense. And a healthy Montee Ball means the world for Peyton Manning and that offense.
1. Arizona Cardinals 1 8-1 The season-ending loss of quarterback Carson Palmer is devastating to this team. Sure Drew Stanton filled in admirably before but Palmer was on a roll. The Cardinals will now rely even more on their (recently extendedTodd Bowles-led defense to lead the way.


Cover Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

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