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The Lowedown: Braun Stowman Is A Man To Be Reckoned With

The Lowedown

While most of you may not have heard of him, you have seen him as one of Adam Rose‘s Rosebuds –he’s the enormous guy in the gladiator costume:

Braun Stowman Adam Rose

He doesn’t have a ton of available pictures, so I apologize for the use of paint.


Braun Stowman aka Adam Scherr, is a strongman competitor turned wrestler, wanting to find his place in the WWE. While it’s still be a little surprising from time to time, most fans know that not every WWE superstar is a former wrestler, be it amateur or professional; quite a number of them do in fact come from other sports and facets of life –just look at Roman Reigns, Goldberg and Baron Corbin, who all came from a career in football.– Being a massive WWE star doesn’t require a background in wrestling –thought it can certainly help,– especially if you’ve got something unique working for you and Braun certainly does: his size and ability to work a mic. While it’s a very different thing, his ability to speak when interviewed at strongman events, proves that he’s not shy when a mic is put in front of him and if word from recent NXT house says anything, Braun is finding his place on the mic in the ring as well.

He’s listed at 6’8″, 385lbs, making him taller than the likes of Randy Orton and heavier than another fellow wrestling body builder in Big E. WWE is always looking for guys who are big, but obviously prefer it when the talent they come across has more substance than simply being large; that’s where Braun’s strength, ability to speak and his southern accent come into play, allowing him to shine above anyone else who’s just tall, built or naturally big.

As I noted above, Braun has been getting some promo opportunities at NXT house shows, coming out and putting the entire roster on notice with the warning that “Monsters are real.” Bray Wyatt may have had similar promo’s, but his were never truly in reference to himself, they were typically directed at John Cena and/or the crowds, saying we all have monsters inside of us; the difference here is Braun could make this his gimmick until he gets over, making sure that not only the WWE Universe but every single talent on the roster know’s that he is a real life monster, a being of strength and horror to be reckoned with.

I’m excited to see where his career goes and for when he finally debuts in a match on NXT, because he’s got a chance to be the next Kane-level legitimate monster heel, that the WWE has been begging to have for years. With so many fans talking about him being “a mountain of a man” and other similar things, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with a nickname like that. Braun The MountainStowman has a nice ring to it, right? While it may be a play on the Game Of Thrones character with the same nickname, it would be a perfect opportunity to capitalize on a current pop-culture phenomenon and something that gives fans an idea of just how intimidating this man is. The WWE may have dropped the ball with the likes of Brodus Clay –who really should have been used as a seriously terrifying heel, instead of a dancing dinosaur,– but I don’t think they’ll let this one pass them by; sooner or later, we’ll be seeing Braun begin to dominate NXT as the biggest heel it’s ever seen and when that happens, we’ll all begin to believe that monsters truly are real.




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The Lowedown

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