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The Lowedown: Seth Rollins Accounts Hacked, Nudes Leaked

The Lowedown

During WWE RAW last night, if you were on Twitter or Instagram, you got more than you bargained for, as Seth Rollins had his accounts hacked and posted a nude photo of Zahra Schreiber, which prompted Rollins’ fiance, Leighla Shultz to retaliate with photos of Rollins in the nude. Since then, there has been mass hysteria wondering what’s going to happen to everyone involved and how bad the fallout is really going to be; I can fully admit that was my first thought, as I wondered if Leighla realized  the full extent of what she had done.

To kick things off, Rollins’ Instagram posted the photo of Zahra in the nude, which Leighla had seen and rather than responding with trying to communicate with Rollins or waiting until after Raw to do so –because could he really have been able to have been on his phone,– she posted two nude photos of Rollins as her way of responding to what she had just seen. I more than understand getting furious over seeing something like that, because odds are that Rollins and Schreiber had been having an affair –Rollins is engaged and Schreiber has been dating the same guy for 5-6 years or so– and Leighla has the right to be upset; but here’s the thing, Rollins ruined their relationship –more than likely,– but what she did could ruin two lives completely.

If something that awful happens to you, your first reaction shouldn’t be, “I’m going to post nudes of that person, yeah that will teach them”, it should be you stepping back before you do more harm than good. Sure, Leighla probably felt a sense of relief after doing that, because it put power into her hands; but if there was any chance this was all circumstantial and a misunderstanding, then she burned any possible bridge of fixing things.

What I think happened is either Rollins was having an affair –or cheating on his fiance, depending on how you view that,– someone hacked his account and posted that or someone in the back picked up his phone and posted it OR someone in the back had that picture and posted it to his account to screw with both of them. Wrestlers are well known to rib each other and sometimes it goes way too far, but it is possible that’s what happened as well.

The giant hole in my theory though, is there are more women coming out of the woodwork, saying they’ve sexted with Rollins in the past. This is almost like a weird Tiger Woods type situation, but we’re not up to the same level of Woods, yet. It’s not hard to imagine women coming out and saying that, just to garner some attention; none of the women who have come forward thus far, have provided any proof, beyond just talking about it.

I’m fearful for both of their careers, with Shcreiber being an NXT Devolopmental Talent who hasn’t stepped in the ring in front of a crowd yet and Rollins, who’s the biggest heel in the company as it currently stands. While Shcreiber may just be fired, because she’s not done anything for the company yet, Rollins might just win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania if and when he cashes in his Money In The Bank Briefcase, which might be in jeopardy after last nights hoopla.

I’m hoping this just causes them both to get ribbed by the guys and gals in the back, along with fans heckling them –expect the crowds to start reiterating a lot of the insults on social media,– rather than them having their dreams taken away from them. While it was a major hiccup in their careers, I don’t think it’s a crippling one. If you Google their names, stories come up about what happened, but photos are not readily available, which might be a positive for them both. Now, I will say there are some funny pictures of Rollins that come up, like him in a hot dog costume and such, but other than that, there’s just pictures of him in the ring. I mention that because one of the things that Triple H talked about in the Austin Podcast, was not inducting Chyna into the HOF, because if you Google her, a lot of her recreational work comes up –that’s a nice way of saying the porn.– If the worst of it doesn’t immediately come up when you Google them, then perhaps it will be okay; I’m just worried the worst is yet to come.

Rollins did post an apology on Twitter for the images and the craziness, but the damage has already been done. I’m not going to openly post the images, but if you want to see what everyone is talking about, here’s a link to a place you can see what everyone is talking about, just remember this isn’t for anyone under 18 and is definitely NSFW: click here

Two things can be learned from this situation: don’t cheat and stop taking and sending nudes; eventually, they always come out.


Photo Credit: Bleacher Report UK

Shaun Lowe
The Lowedown

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Shaun Lowe
The Lowedown

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