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Mayweather vs. McGregor: Audacity or a Real Fight?

The audacity of Conor McGregor has never ceased to surprise as he is stirring up attention by challenging Floyd Mayweather to a boxing match.

McGregor’s fiery press alter ego has been suppressed following his first career loss to Nate Diaz and his denial of UFC 200, but that is not stopping his Twitter feed. The rumors all began when McGregor tweeted a teaser poster challenging Floyd.

MMA vs. Boxing

Mayweather kept the pot stirring in an interview when he said, “Do I think the fight will happen? Absolutely!” (For The Win). If and when the two fighters get in the boxing ring, the fight would most probably one of the biggest day in professional fighting history.

McGregor’s demeanor is what keeps UFC fans awed, whether they like him or not. His incredibly bold antics, nonchalant display of ego, and trash talk send ripples throughout the minds of his opponents and keep fans reeling at the entertainment. To add, the fans love him so much that the championship fight in which he fought against Jose Aldo broke records by crossing a $10,000,000 gate with a 16,516 attendance count. It even blew records for buyrate as 1.2 million people across the world paid the fifty dollar Pay-Per-View subscription to watch the fight at home.

McGregor has an MMA record of 13 wins and 1 loss. That is nothing compared to Mayweather’s 49 wins and 0 losses. Mayweather is willing to come out of his recent retirement if he gets paid nine figures to do it (For The Win). Surprisingly, Mayweather does actually have a large incentive to fight, since his record is tied with the number one record in history. If Mayweather turns out victorious, he will become the best, undisputed boxer in history with the number one record.

However, let’s say McGregor wins, just barely, but wins. The boxing community will be doubled over at the shock. Mayweather’s title of the best champion will be thrown in the dustbin, because of that one small stain on his record that spells out a loss. Not only would it be great for Mayweather to win, but if he decides to fight, he must win, because of the risk of what a loss can do to his record and legacy.

Taking this fight in perspective, we have here Conor McGregor, an MMA Fighter who relies on punching as one of the many ways to incapacitate his opponents. Mayweather, however, has been boxing his whole career, which is why his experience will give him the win in the end. Keeping McGregor to only boxing would be chaining the different styles of fighting that he has won many of his past fights with. It will take a considerably large change in training style for McGregor to hop in a boxing ring and cut down the most revered boxer fighting today.

When this fight finally gets underway, it will definitely include its share of trash talk, and picturesque promos to get fans, media, and fighter themselves, revved to watch an intensely hyped matchup.

Omar Rashad

Omar Rashad

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Omar Rashad

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