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New and Old Faces Lead Our Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

Before Week 10 of the NFL season begins this evening, here are our final NFL Power Rankings for the week:


32. New York Jets 1-8 They dropped to last in the Power Rankings this week solely on their atrocious performance against the Chiefs – yet another dismal performance this year. There is not longer any life or drive in this team and Rex Ryan is the pure definition of a lame duck. Side note – this season will make it hard to remedy the remaining years of Geno Smith's career.
31. Oakland Raiders 0-8 Yes this team continues to do "Raider" things (like a near "butt-fumble 2") but they have some talent on this team. That is exactly why they moved up a spot in this week's Power Rankings. They lost to the Seahawks by just a touchdown – that is something many of us didn't expect going into the game. Tony Sporano doesn't have a talented team but they are playing hard for him.
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-7 They gave last weeks game away to the Browns. Take away a few mental errors on offense and the Bucs could be hosting the Falcons this week at 2-6 instead of 1-7. That was not the case as everything under the sun continues to go wrong for Lovie Smith's team. By the way – you're paying Vincent Jackson $10 million so throw him the ball!
29. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-8 Gus Bradley's team gave the Bengals a scare last week as they nearly escaped Cincinnati with a rare victory. That defense has some serious young skill that will give Bradley something to build upon for the future. That is why the forthcoming offseason should be focused on improving the offensive side of the ball through the draft and free agency. Give Blake Bortles some weapons. Side note – Dennard Robinson has been a pleasant surprise this year.
28. Tennessee Titans 2-6 The Titans will travel to Baltimore after a much needed off-week. The talent differential between these two teams is monumental but the Ravens have a tendency to overlook lesser opponents. Joe Flacco and company are likely to be looking for revenge after being ravished in Pittsburgh last week.
27. Atlanta Falcons 2-6 The good news – the Falcons didn't lose! The bad news – they are still really bad. Perhaps the most surprising thing to happen during the bye week was that Mike Smith still has a job. They should be able to take care of business in Tampa Bay this week against a lowly Bucs team.
26. Washington Redskins 3-6 RGIII was back but that didn't stop the Redskins from losing yet again. A late fumble recovery from Anthony Barr turned the tide for the Vikings. There is a lot of work yet to be done with this team but they absolutely must keep Robert Griffin healthy.
25. Chicago Bears 3-5 The long nightmare took a week off as the Bears had a bye week. Things won't be getting any easier as they travel to Green Bay this weekend.
24. New York Giants 3-5 This has to be the streakiest team in the league. Rough start to the season -> a few great games -> back to a losing streak. The pummeling by the Colts didn't make matters any better for Tom Coughlin and the Giants. He has two championships but one would have to think that even Coughlin might be ready for a change of scenery.
23. St. Louis Rams 3-5 The Rams beat the 49ers as they continue to play the role of spoiler throughout the league. Can you imagine how good this team could be if they had a franchise quarterback? And no that quarterback of the future is not Sam Bradford.
22. Carolina Panthers 3-5 Despite playing in the worst division in all of football – the NFC South – the Panthers just cannot find a way to consistently win. After we all fell in love with them last season it is beginning to look like a one-and-done sort of run. Can we please all marvel at just how bad this once daunting defense has become?
21. Minnesota Vikings 4-5 Mark my words – Mike Zimmer is building something special in Minnesota. I said it on September 11 and I'm once again reiterating that. Not only has Zimmer turned Anthony Barr into a stud but that defense is becoming vicious. Get Teddy Bridgewater some weapons this offseason and the Vikings will be knocking on the door of success.
20. San Francisco 49ers 4-4 My oh my how the mighty have fallen. This team obviously has lost their intensity that was once so prevalent among the players and their coach. Is anyone doubting anymore that Jim Harbaugh is gone after the year?
19. Houston Texans 4-5 The Ryan Mallett experiment begins this upcoming week for the Texans. Bill O'Brien continues to work magic with his team as they defy (low) expectations. Now can O'Brien ensure that the Jadeveon Clowney issue doesn't become a big deal?
18. New Orleans Saints 4-4 Slowly but surely the Saints and working their way back to prominence – and that began with a big win in Carolina. Two questions: 1. How in the world does Rob Ryan still have a job? 2. Can the Saints defense play decent enough defense to give this team a chance to make the playoffs? Well it might only take an 8-8 season to win the division anyway.
17. Cleveland Browns 5-3 Maybe I'm not giving the Browns enough credit (I hear you Cleveland people). They are confusing. Let's be honest – they beat the Steelers but lost to the Jaguars. Anyone else lacking confidence in this team? Don't take your LeBron losing anger out on me folks.
16. Miami Dolphins 5-3 Very quietly Joe Philbin's team is having a strong season. Things weren't so quiet last week as the Dolphins obliterated the Chargers 37-0. So why do I have them just below said Chargers? Simple – I have more faith in Philip Rivers than Ryan Tannehill regardless of what happened last week.
15. San Diego Chargers 5-4 While they were once considered one of the top three teams in the league they are now in the middle of quite the struggle. A devastating 37-0 loss to the Dolphins showed that Mike McCoy's team has yet to truly arrive. Boy they desperately need a run game.
14. Buffalo Bills 5-3 Kyle Orton has brought out the best in the Buffalo offense and he has been quite the partner in crime with Sammy Watkins. Don't sleep on this defense either.
13. Baltimore Ravens 5-4 Back to back divisional losses against the Bengals and the Steelers have the Ravens on the outside looking in of the AFC North. Was it just me or did that defense look incredibly slow last week?
12. Seattle Seahawks 5-3 Barely beating the Raiders won't do much to instill confidence in your team. Neither will rumors of the departure of Marshawn Lynch. It seems like years since they beat the Broncos in Seattle doesn't it?
11. Kansas City Chiefs 5-3 Beating the Jets isn't anything to write home about but it is still a win. The showdown this weekend against the Bills will shed some light on both teams. And for all that is good in this word GET TRAVIS KELCE THE FOOTBALL.
10. Green Bay Packers 5-3 There wasn't much to be said about the Packers in their bye week. They will need to avoid a letdown as they host the Bears this weekend in a big divisional matchup. Something tells me Aaron Rodgers will have a field day against that defense.
9. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-3 A thumping of the Colts followed by a thumping of the Ravens will go a long way towards improving your power ranking. That defense looked improved against Baltimore but they are still old and full of holes. If Big Ben threw for six 12 touchdowns against those two teams just imagine what he will do this week against the Jets.
8. Cincinnati Bengals 5-2-1 They allowed the Jaguars to keep the game way too close but a win is still a win as they lead the AFC North. Thursday night's game against the Browns will be physical and telling for both teams. Jeremy Hill looks to be the featured back of the future for Cincinnati – even when Giovani Bernard returns from injury.
7. Dallas Cowboys 6-3 Can Tony Romo stay healthy? We all learned last week that this team will not succeed with Brandon Weeden under center. Many are overlooking the fact that the Cowboys' defense of old reared its ugly head in recent weeks.
6. Detroit Lions 6-2 Jim Caldwell's team will have a tough game this week as they host the Miami Dolphins. The return of Calvin Johnson will add depth to an offense that found ways to succeed without him. We are grossly understating the work that Golden Tate has done this season. He has been sensational.
5. Indianapolis Colts 6-3 Another big win for the Colts was a nice way to bounce back after being trounced by the Steelers. They are getting a much needed week off this weekend before hosting the Patriots. Peyton Manning can't beat Tom Brady but can Andrew Luck?
4. Philadelphia Eagles 6-2 Mark Sanchez is no Nick Foles but Chip Kelly will use him to bolster the running game. Luckily for the Eagles they face the struggling Panthers defense on Monday Night Football – a nice remedy for any backup quarterback looking to improve.
3. New England Patriots 7-2 Yes I know they beat the Broncos and I still have them ranked one spot below Peyton and the gang. Winning in Foxboro is hard for anyone especially when Tom Brady is on one of his patented rolls. This team has been very good but that defense is playing too well for its own good. There is a reason we were all doubting the Patriots earlier in the year and that may once again return.
2. Denver Broncos 6-2 They looked bad against the Patriots and there is no denying that. The defense which we have all praised has to do better going forward. And the return of Montee Ball cannot come soon enough. Don't look past these Broncos they aren't dead.
1. Arizona Cardinals 7-1 Hands down the best team in the league. Bruce Arians has worked wonders with this team regardless of the personnel on the field. They have shown they are the team to beat in the league with wins over some very formidable opponents. Todd Bowles is creating a stellar defense – meaning he will likely be a head coach next season.


Cover Photo: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

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