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Royals Overcome Ned Yost and Athletics in Memorable Win

The city of Kansas City has been patiently awaiting their turn for 29 years, and Tuesday evening their Royals gave them exactly what they have been waiting for.

No one enjoys being on the losing end of a 7-3 score, but for the Royals, it made the win even sweeter. Not only were they able to come back and tie the game in the ninth, but they also overcame a one run deficit in the 12th inning to win. It was a win that any Kansas City fan born after 1985 would be hard pressed to understand.

Salvador Perez‘s game winning hit in the bottom of the 12th was the latest example of the beauty of baseball. Just watch it unfold, you are crazy if you don’t get goosebumps (unless you are an Oakland fan, then it would be understandable):

The Royals, however, were forced to overcome very questionable managerial decision by Ned Yost – most notably choosing to remove James Sheilds and replace him with Yordano Ventura. Just two days ago, Ventura threw 73 pitches. It was a move by Yost that cost the Royals and anchored the 5-run sixth inning for the Athletics.

Pedro Martinez lambasted Yost in the postgame show on TBS (courtesy of Deadspin):

not only that, in the kind of situation, you bring a guy like that. the kid pitched the other day and had, think, 72 pitches. there’s no need to bring another starter in this situation. you have finnegan in there. you can bring the lefty. you have duffy. you can use anybody against moss, especially making the statement he made in the first inning and hitting the two homers. too bad one of them was against ventura. but i will say, remember when aoki was the best hitter in the kansas city royals game? well, that was a panic move, right? well, i think this is another panic move from ned yost. he almost gave the game away. if kansas city ends up losing that game, ned yost would have been the ugly goat heading out of kansas city today.

and you feel bad for ventura who comes in, inherited runners, not used to that situation. it’s tough. i know you had a special message you wanted to give him if he’s watching.

for ventura, i would say. [ speaking foreign language ]

translated, it was ned’s fault. don’t worry. we won anyway. i think. shef, how about you? we were talking about it before it happened. it was crazy how it played out. you saw it on social networking. for ned, love him. but in that spot, man, that’s tough.

For the Oakland Athletics, it seemed rather cruel that after they spent the entire second half of the season bolstering their pitching staff, that group would be the ones to let them down. Who would have believed that the A’s would score eight runs and yet still lose?

Baseball once again shows that it is truly a game of inches.

AL Wild Card


The joy in Kansas City is exactly what the organization and their fans deserve. They’ll get just one day to enjoy it before they are forced to face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the American League Division Round on Thursday evening. Once again, the Royals will be the underdog, facing arguably the best team in the entire American League – but what’s new? The underdog role is one the Royals have played all year long, and a role that they have truly embraced.

By the way, if there is just one reason that Kansas City fans deserve this excitement, this photo might just sum it all up at once:


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