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The Golden State Warriors on the Verge of History

When the 2014-15 season concluded the Golden State Warriors ended one streak and began another. A 40 year championship drought was over and the team has yet to lose since game 3 of the Finals. They have won 16 straight and don’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

After a game early in November, against the Clippers , Stephan Curry said,” this team was better than last year’s.” Better than last year? that team won 67 games and won rolled their way to a title. That’s a scary thought for the rest of the NBA, and what’s scarier is that this is a young team that will be together for a few more years.

This team just won’t lose. No matter how much they are down by and the amount of time is left on the clock , this team is always in it. Since the start of last season the Warriors have won 3 games when trailing by at least 20 points in, most recently against the Clippers. The rest of the NBA has just 13. The way the run the floor and shoot 3’s a stop here, a turnover there, a steal followed up by a miss and they can cut the lead in half, in just under 90 seconds.
This team and they way the play reminds me of this year’s Kansas City Royals, a team that won the World Series just under a month ago. No matter what the score they Royals kept doing their thing and by the end of the game they came out victories, something they did 95 times last year. The Warriors are just like them. no matter the deficient and until the finals buzzard sounds the Warriors have a shot.

Curry, the reigning MVP is leading the charge, and is arguably the best player on the planet and maybe the best shooter of all time. This guy is unbelievable, he makes shots that you try to make when you were little playing Horse, the only difference is he makes them more often than not. then when you through in his ball handling skills and his passing ability and he is in a league of his own.

If Curry goes cold then they can just turn to Klay Thompson who can shoot with he best of them. If he was on any other team we would be looked at as the face of the franchise, but playing second fiddle might be the perfect fit. The two of them might be the best 3 point shooting duo in NBA history.

This roster is loaded, Harrison Barnes, Draymond , Andrew Bogut, Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala. There isn’t much of a weak link among them. If one guy goes down there is somebody that can step up and fill in. Just look at the Head Coaching position. Steve Kerr has been out all year and Luke Walton has been filling in and has kept the wheels moving.

The West is supposed to be the conference were teams beat up on each other all year long, but four in nobody looks like they have a chance. They are running other teams of the court, scoring a league best 115 points a game, five more than they did last year.

All they do is win and win a lot. Games played at the Oracle since the start of the 2013 season and the Warriors are 73-16. Opposing teams aren’t going to have a lot of luck going to the Bay Cit and expect a win. Even road games the Warriors are winning nearly twice as much as they are losing over that same span.

73 wins would be the record and this team has shot, the players they have and the way they play this team is on the verge of greatness. Do I think they do it though? The goal isn’t the record the goal is another title. if everything is all wrapped up for them late into the year, first seed, home field throughout I can see them sitting players and resting them for the playoffs.

Luckily for NBA fans I don’t see them doing that. Sorry Michael Jordan and the rest of 96 Bulls but move over, the Warriors came out to play!

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