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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

From shocking upsets (I’m looking at you, Dallas) to offensive explosions (oh hey there, Big Ben), Week 9 in the NFL threw a wrench in my previous NFL Power Rankings. There was a lot to digest this week from around the league, so let’s get right into our team by team breakdowns.

32. Oakland Raiders 0-7 There isn't much left to be said about the Raiders. For part of the game against the Browns Sunday they looked capable of pulling out their first victory of the season – then they remembered the were the Raiders. Butt-fumbles ensued.
31. New York Jets 1-7 The woeful offense falls back onto the shoulders of Michael Vick now. Meanwhile Geno Smith is thinking "Thank God".
30. Tennessee Titans 2-6 There is a case to be made that the Titans are the worst team in football – they sure look like it. Until Ken Whisenhunt can find a quarterback the ship will continue to sink.
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-6 It seems as though the stuff I wrote above about the Titans would fit perfectly here as well. Lovie Smith has his work cut out for him – and shockingly enough that means on both sides of the ball.
28. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-7 Blake Bortles has a bright future – but we aren't there yet. He threw three touchdowns last week but two of them were to the Miami Dolphins.
27. Atlanta Falcons 2-6 They actually won this game thanks to a missed field goal by the Detroit Lions – except the Lions were offsides and given another opportunity to kick. That perfectly represents the type of season it has been for these Falcons. Mike Smith's job is surely in jeopardy.
26. St. Louis Rams 2-5 Jeff Fisher's team was dismantled by the Kansas City Chiefs but they will be a team looking for (more) upsets in the back-half of the season.
25. Washington Redskins 3-5 Colt McCoy – who saw that one coming? My oh my how quickly that Kirk Cousins bandwagon has emptied. The win in Dallas was mighty impressive however.
24. Chicago Bears 3-5 A beat down at the hands of the Patriots sent the Bears spiraling down even faster. They have a bye-week before facing the Green Bay Packers.
23. Minnesota Vikings 3-5 Don't look now but the Minnesota defense is starting to come together and look rather dangerous. This team will be very dangerous when the offense begins to gel.
22. New York Giants 3-4 Next week's game against an angry Indianapolis Colts team will go a long way into determining the outcome of the Giants' season.
21. Cleveland Browns 4-3 The game against Oakland was nothing short of ugly until the last half of the fourth quarter. These Browns are young and full of potential but must find a way to live up to it week after week.
20. Carolina Panthers 3-4 Their division is horrible and that is great news for the mediocre Panthers. Their game next week will gauge just how good they truly are as they face…
19. New Orleans Saints 3-4 See above about this lackluster division. The Saints and Panthers will go head to head for bragging rights of a crappy division. Be sure to set those DVRs…
18. Houston Texans 4-4 This team is on the upswing and Bill O'Brien deserves massive credit. The true sign of their growth comes from the fact that no one is even talking about them. Solid team building for the future.
17. Miami Dolphins 4-3 The Dolphins are an really strange team – they have never been able to take the next step during Joe Philbin's tenure. That mediocrity has continued this year – though a win next week against the Chargers could change a lot.
16. Kansas City Chiefs 4-3 The Chiefs face the Jets and Bills over the next two weeks. If they take care of business then they are right back into the playoff picture.
15. Buffalo Bills 5-3 Could the Bills actually be legit? Their defense has been impressive and Kyle Orton has done admirably taking the reins from EJ Manuel. There will be a ton of teams populating the AFC Wild Card debate and the Bills could be one of them.
14. San Francisco 49ers 4-3 They can't afford to overlook the Rams this upcoming week – just ask Seattle. In a week NFC the 49ers are still one of the top teams.
13. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-3 So they lose to the Buccaneers but absolutely destroy the Colts who were coming off of a historic victory? This team is confusing but they have shown they can be deadly – just like the end of the 2013 season.
12. Seattle Seahawks 5-3 They struggled to beat the Panthers. If the same thing happens against Oakland this coming week then things are going to get rather ugly for the defending champs.
11. Baltimore Ravens 5-3 Sure they lost but this team is still good enough to make a run into the playoffs. What they will need is better performance from their franchise quarterback – 195 yards against a division foe is not going to cut it.
10. San Diego Chargers 5-3 Losers two straight the Chargers travel to Miami looking to right the ship. They absolutely must find a running game if they want to have any chance at the playoffs.
9. Cincinnati Bengals 4-2-1 They were desperately in need of a win and they got one against their rival Ravens. With upcoming games against Jackonsville/Cleveland/New Orleans/Houston/Tampa Bay the Bengals could (and should) go on a nice run.
8. Green Bay Packers 5-3 After suffering a set back against the Saints Aaron Rodgers and the Packers once again are facing their doubters. A nice bye week before hosting the rival Bears will be a nice cure.
7. Indianapolis Colts 5-3 What's the best way to ruin the high of a dominant performance the week before? Watching your defense be dismantled by Ben Roethlisberger. The Colts must rebound against the Giants because the Texans aren't too far behind.
6. Philadelphia Eagles 5-2 If you missed their game against the Cardinals then you missed an absolute beauty. Nick Foles must minimize his mistakes and the Eagles' defense must fix that secondary going forward.
5. Detroit Lions 6-2 Thank goodness for penalties – am I right? Jim Caldwell is working magic with this Lions team and that defense is incredibly impressive.
4. New England Patriots 6-2 Remember when we were all doubting Tom Brady and the Patriots? We might be idiots. This team is looking incredibly dangerous these days.
3. Dallas Cowboys 6-2 The loss to the Redskins was incredibly surprising – especially considering it happened in Jerry's World. They will need a healthy Tony Romo if they have any chance of beating the Arizona Cardinals next week.
2. Arizona Cardinals 6-1 This team is absolutely on a roll right now – offensively and defensively. While that defense continues to improve Carson Palmer might be the player to watch the rest of the season. A big arm with those receivers combines to make a rather potent offense.
1. Denver Broncos 6-1 Of course Peyton Manning is impressive but the improvement of Jack Del Rio's defense has been astounding. DeMarcus Ware is a human wrecking ball.


Cover Photo: Tim Ireland/Associated Press

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